Remember When I Totally Predicted That BB Was Using Deflategate as Tacit Motivation for the Super Bowl?

I did it a few days ago and basically claimed that BB just wanted to give his team back their “nobody believed in us!” chestnut from years past. Well guess what? Looks like I have an (admittedly unlikely) ally in Dan Wetzel:

“Every team seeks an Us-Against-The-World, Nobody-Believes-In-Us mentality. They think it provides some kind of an edge even when a Super Bowl is on the line and you wouldn’t think any edge is needed. So it’s often invented.

New England is in its sixth Super Bowl with Belichick and Tom Brady, it goes to the playoffs every season, it’s always a league favorite. Trying to figure out a way to be the underdog, the doubted, the victim, it’s nearly impossible.

At least until now.”

Just remember where you heard it first, folks: from your pal JSG. See? Once you get past the fact that I swear a lot and make way too many references to drinking and I’m prone to run-on sentences and I don’t really remember all the rules of grammar, I’m basically right there as a sportswriter. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Remember When I Totally Predicted That BB Was Using Deflategate as Tacit Motivation for the Super Bowl?

And This Was in My Gmail *THIS* Morning Recently Published/Updated – Lynch faces Congress in attorney general hearing – 1 hour ago

Wow — I knew the NFL was upset with Marshawn Lynch for his standoffish attitude toward the media, but a Congressional hearing?! That seems wildly excessive to me — Roger Goodell has gone mad with power!

If he’s coming down this hard on Lynch for his media availability, what can we expect from Deflategate?! My guess is a military tribunal in which the Patriots are found to have violated the Geneva Convention, subsequently resulting in their public executions. Consider this a shot across the bow, ballboys.

And This Was in My Gmail *THIS* Morning

This Headline Was in My Gmail This Morning – Browner’s targeting plans sadden Seahawks – 11 hours ago”

“I’m not even mad — I’m just disappointed,” said Russell Wilson. “I just thought they were better than that.” K.J. Wright added: “To say I’m sad is an understatement. We can move past it…I’m willing to forgive it, but I won’t forget it.”

“Sigh…where did we go wrong? Is this our fault? Are we bad teammates?”

This Headline Was in My Gmail This Morning

1998 Denver Broncos vs. 2014 Denver Broncos

Seriously, this thing is going to take up all my time today. My first thought was to make my Denver Broncos play themselves, so I took the 1998 team and sent them on the “road” to play the 2014 team. Elway vs. Manning! Thomas/Sanders vs. Smith/Sharpe! Terrell Davis vs….uh, C.J. Anderson! Epic!

DEN 98 vs. DEN 14

Bam! I simulated it a few times just for fun, but the 1998 Broncos only lost one of the 6-7 times I tried it. This particular result was my favorite, though: I set the weather to snowy and left the teams to their own devices. To no one’s surprise, it was a true QB duel:

DEN 98 vs. DEN 14 Box


Elway and Manning combined for 464 yards and 5 TD passes with zero turnovers — I’m not sure you could have hoped for a better result than that. Terrell Davis had quite a game for himself, topping 100 yards and finding the end zone; all of the big play WRs/TEs delivered too, with only McCaffrey and Julius Thomas held out of the end zone.

But the real kicker here? Check out the 4th Quarter drive log:

DEN 98 vs. DEN 14 Last Drive

That’s right: Taking over at their own 36 with 5:09 to go, Elway calmly marched the 1998 Broncos down the field and hit Rod Smith for a 20-yard go-ahead TD with 1:43 remaining. As if there was any doubt who the most clutchity clutchity clutch QB in history is, Manning stupid and chokishly gets the ball to Welker at midfield…and Welker proceeds to fumble it. Game: 1998 Broncos. Thanks for nothing, Peyton!

1998 Denver Broncos vs. 2014 Denver Broncos