The Term “Dream Job” Gets Thrown around a Lot These Days

But if I had one, I like to think it’d be writing things like this fake commercial from the incomparable Parks and Recreation:

This is just all-around magnificent in every single way. Really, all of the fake commercials in last week’s episode were (I love the idea of an Indian casino having a mascot named “Coinsy the Wolf” — just amazing). I know writing things like this isn’t a job — being a comedy writer obviously is, but fake commercials isn’t a job in and of itself. But man…how amazing would that be? I think I speak for all of the GG writers AND audience when I say: What are you rambling about, you crazy person? Was this just a flimsy excuse to post this video from Parks and Rec?


The Term “Dream Job” Gets Thrown around a Lot These Days

7 thoughts on “The Term “Dream Job” Gets Thrown around a Lot These Days

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