A Would-Be…What, Now?

From Yahoo!’s front page this morning:


I like the idea behind recognizing an unsung hero-type of person, like a football everyman who happens to hold the pretty cool distinction of playing in six Super Bowls. But is there any more patronizing way to refer to a small start-up peanut brittle business? If I were Mike Lodish, would I even take that as a compliment? I mean, I like peanut brittle and all, but the term mogul is usually reserved for ancient Persian empires, bumpy ski hills and, like, Jay-Z.

Also, there’s this, from our pal Dan Wetzel:

“It’s a tough business; ultra competitive, with market share captured one store at a time. So this is Lodish bringing the same battling mentality to peanut brittle that got him to all those title games.”

So there you have it, kids: all it takes to achieve your dreams is to work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone and then luckily manage to get drafted by the most dynastic team of the early 1990s and constantly propped up by the generational talent around you. Truly the American Dream!

A Would-Be…What, Now?

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