Rex Ryan Fired?!

Besides the whole “Harbaugh to Michigan” thing, the worst-kept secret in the NFL was that Rex Ryan had to go. Not because he’s a bad coach — I actually expect him to do pretty well at his next landing spot — but because sometimes you need a change of pace to get the organization back on track.

Still, the Jets are an unmitigated disaster of personnel mismanagement and he was asked to foot the bill, so part of me feels bad for the guy. I hope he lands on his feet sometime soon. He’s toed the line for long enough, saying and doing the right things just to keep an air of professionalism about the Jets, but football is a demanding game and the NFL is a demanding league. Forcing your bombastic coach to conform to a mold is the NFL equivalent of wearing an ankle monitor during house arrest: pretty funny, but also a little sad.

Rex Ryan has a foot fetish, is I guess my point. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!

Rex Ryan Fired?!

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