A Hockey Post Natural Hat Trick

Fans of this blog will no doubt notice the hockey puck logo we have going, but ST and I haven’t felt compelled to write much about hockey here — it’s just too much fun to rank things and accuse NFL players of taking steroids. But there’s been a lot of good hockey-related stuff lately, so I’m gonna combine a few into one post. Merry Christmas everyone!

First up: Claude Giroux. Captain. World-class talent. NHL 13 cover athlete. Weirdo:

Yeah, this is Claude Giroux biting the jersey of Erik Gudbranson. When reached for comment, Giroux said nothing because no one asked him about this becauseĀ how the fuck do you even ask someone about this? Bear in mind, Giroux is also the guy who was arrested for grabbing an Ottawa cop’s ass on Canada Day and for doing this with Patrick Elias:

See? Weirdo. Of course, bear in mind he can also do this:


So who am I to judge?


Next up: P.K. Subban. That guy is absolutely loved by the city of Montreal…and with gestures like this one, it’s not hard to see why:

Yahoo did a whole write-up of it here, and it’s worth a watch/read. I’m not sure I’ll ever be as excited as those kids were when they realized Subban was sitting on their bench. This is just terrific.

Anyway, there’s your hockey update. I swear we’ll get back to talking about football and steroids and stuff soon!



A Hockey Post Natural Hat Trick

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