Army-Navy Is on Today…

…and Navy has yet another new set of uniforms for the game, continuing a trend of shaking things up that began in 2009.

I know it’s a demo jersey, but I’d bet money that they actually all DO say Midshipmen on the back (Photo credit: via CFT)

So when Oregon or Maryland changes their uniforms, it’s “gimmicky” — why doesn’t anyone jump all over Navy’s case, huh? Why does one of our nation’s service academies get a free pass? That’s a bullshit double-standard, America. That’s right — I’m treading right now. I am treading all OVER you right now, Navy. You win 12 straight against Army and suddenly you think you’re the new hot game in town? You aren’t even the best service academy. Yeah, I said it, and the trophy agrees with me. Midshipmen? More like MidSHITmen.

Go Army!

Army-Navy Is on Today…

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