Honorary GG Member: Ted Allen

Ted Allen, possibly best known as the host of Food Network’s Chopped, seems like a cool guy. He’s a well-dressed gay dude who knows a lot about food — dinner parties at his house must just be insane. Moreover, he has a dry-but-great sense of humor that he occasionally gets to showcase on TV — this video from The Onion brings it to the forefront.

If there’s one thing we at GG love to lampoon, it’s the pretentiousness of food culture. But it’s one thing for a small, irrelevant, pseudonymous writer to do it online — it’s another entirely to do it when you’re Ted Goddamn Allen. Touche, Ted — we welcome you into our fold with open arms and a shared love of mocking the things we love. Help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Honorary GG Member: Ted Allen

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