I’m no All-Pro, fire-breathing dragon or anything…

…but I do hold some of the same opinions as Richard Sherman. Specifically when it comes to the NFL and its parfait-like layers of hypocrisy.

Given his expression, I’m gonna assume the question was about being the league’s most overrated corner and benefiting from an insane pass rush. Or, you know, something.


Turns out Yahoo disabled the ability to embed the video, so in case it doesn’t work and/or you don’t feel like trusting me (what the hell, man, I thought we were cool!), this is Richard Sherman addressing the media in defense of his teammate Marshawn Lynch, who was fined $100k by the league for not participating in his own media session. Sherman efficiently but politely eviscerates the NFL for being hypocrites about player safety and being two-faced about alcohol consumption; he implies that they’re making up the rules as it suits them, and it’s hard not to see some subtext about the league’s incredibly reactionary stance to issues like domestic violence and personal expressionism. All around great work by Sherman here. He’s a little bit wooden as far as acting skills go, but I’m willing to forgive that since it’s not like we can all be Peyton Manning.

Seriously, though. Roger Goodell is a tool and — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — Richard Sherman is awesome for lambasting him. He’s totally in the right here. Overrated though he may be, I’d welcome any and all press conferences where he calls out the league for its bullshit double standards. Well done, Mr. Sherman. I couldn’t have done it any better myself.


I’m no All-Pro, fire-breathing dragon or anything…

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