A Small Thing

But a funny thing nonetheless. This is the graphic the NFL is using for its Thursday Night Football coverage:


Can you guys guess who's playing??
Can you guys guess who’s playing??


That’s an ad for the Saints-Panthers game…featuring jerseys that say the team names on the back of them. In the team’s wordmark font, no less. Now, again, this isn’t a big thing, but this is an NFL-created ad for an NFL game being broadcast on the NFL’s official cable network…you guys know you could have used real players to promote this, right? Who’s gonna sue you for copyright infringement, yourselves??

It’d be one thing if they were consistent, for that matter, but the TV ads mention the stars of each team by name. So…why go to the extra effort of rendering these pictures with fake names when you could have just used real pictures of real players?? You’re weird, NFL.


A Small Thing

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