The article I took this from says: Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports (Photo: Ron Chenoy, Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) So I’m gonna stick with that

In less snarky and/or sarcastic news, NFL living legend Peyton Manning threw his record-setting 509th TD pass against San Francisco tonight. The TD pass moved him in to sole possession of first place, finally passing notorious sexting-pioneer Brett Favre.

I just really wish NBC had picked a funny song for the moment…something that would play him out to commercial with appropriateness and maybe a bit of levity.

My suggestion is “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner. It works on multiple levels, what with the joy Manning showed in scoring reminiscent of his first career TD (and plus, you know, the references to sex and shit). My backup suggestion would be “Ten Thousand Hours” by Macklemore, since I bet Peyton would appreciate nothing more than to have yet another sports moment co-opted by a preachy Millennial rapper.

Any other/better/funnier suggestions? Hit us up in the comments!



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