509 (Update)

In my last post, I asked for suggestions as to what music would be best/funniest to play while heading to commercial after Peyton Manning’s 509th TD pass. Since this somehow isn’t the most powerful and influential blog of the 21st Century, NBC opted for this instead:



Yeah. The Lumineers. The fucking LUMINEERS, man. I get that they’re from Denver and all, but…”Ho Hey” is what you’re going with? That’s the one? If you’re so attached to an indie-pop song from the last two years, you couldn’t have even gone with “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons? If you needed to keep it in Denver, you couldn’t have chosen “Handlebars” by The Flobots??

Jesus, NBC. Between this and hiring Cris Collinsworth and your generally awful NHL coverage compared to CBC/TSN, it’s almost like you aren’t even trying anymore!

(Fun fact: Cris Collinsworth’s dad is named Abraham Lincoln Collinsworth. How awesome is that??)

(Bonus fun fact: I’m naming my first born child Winston Franz Ferdinand Churchill Khan St. Germain.)


509 (Update)

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