I Just Finished a Conference Call That Lasted 14 Minutes…

Here’s a quick breakdown of how that time was spent:


  • 6 minutes (43%): Waiting for people to jump onto the call and recapping the names of everyone who had joined thus far
  • 3 minutes (21%): Asking if there was any update on the data validation process since late last night (Note: The relevant parties with the answers to this question weren’t on the call)
  • 1 minute (7%): Expressing that we really need an update on that validation process
  • 4 minutes (29%): Painstakingly asking the entire group if they thought it was OK to end the call early while we wait for news on the validation process and planning another follow-up call once we know more


How is it possible to make 14 minutes feel so much like 14 days? With the exception of watching this video seven straight times or reading through our post history, is there any less productive way to spend 14 minutes? The real-life equivalent of this would be sitting down to make a sandwich and taking meticulous inventory of all your ingredients, expressing the plan to make a sandwich, and then setting up a second trip to the kitchen later to make the sandwich per the previously discussed plan. If people acted in real life like they do on conference calls, literally nothing would ever get done.

Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?!



I Just Finished a Conference Call That Lasted 14 Minutes…

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