Honorary GG Member: Jon Lajoie


I don’t like advertising shit via this blog. It feels like the exact opposite of the culture ST and I have worked to create. But: sometimes, you have to give credit where credit’s due. And Jon Lajoie is due an awful lot of credit.


If ST and I could combine all of our skills into one crazy person with a ton of skills, that person would be almost entirely useless. But if we combined our skills and worked our hardest to make a video that explained why society sucks, we’d have to make like 100 of them before we approached anything close to what Jon Lajoie is putting out. He’s awesome, is my convoluted point.


Watch the video I embedded above. It raises a ton of great points about consumerism and advertising and the health/state of the advertising industry…it’s better than anything we’re going to come up with here, that’s for sure…but it feels very honest, which is great. It’s as though the guy who plays Taco in “The League” has figured out satire in a way that none of us will ever approach.


Look, I know, I’m kind of fawning at this point, and I don’t want this to become a thing, but I”m allowed one or two positive posts every so often. Using one to compliment a great comedian/video maker seems like a fair thing.



Honorary GG Member: Jon Lajoie

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