More Updates!

Since I haven’t felt especially inspired by new stuff lately, why not go back in time and update another post?? Remember when I did the one where I totally didn’t miss the point and awesomely critiqued this very simple slideshow of the “10 Worst Nicknames in Pro Sports?”

Oh hey look, Minor League Baseball is running a contest called “Clash of the Caps” where fans vote on their favorites. Guess where the Minor League teams on that list are currently ranked?? Remember, there are 100 caps on this list, and that’s not even the full amount of teams:


  • Richmond Flying Squirrels: 2nd
  • Savannah Sand Gnats: 22nd
  • New Britain Rock Cats: 83rd


So what does this all mean? Nothing really — this contest is a fan-voted leaderboard, and it’s based exclusively on the appearance of the caps rather than the nicknames themselves, and 83rd actually isn’t very good (I kind of figured they’d be higher when I started this post). But I can’t help but love the idea that two of those choices, out of ALL the Minor League Baseball franchises, made the list. Of “professional” sports franchises. By my count, there are at least 20 other franchises on this list alone that are worse. The Orem Owlz? With a Z?? The Montgomery Biscuits? The Lehigh Valley IronPigs?? I mean, #1 is a team named the El Paso Chihuahuas for fuck’s sake!

More Updates!

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