I haven’t seen a shellacking like that since my pancake incident!  That was probably one of the most lopsided wins I’ve ever seen in a football game.  Shit, the Jags and Bucs played the Seahawks better than the Broncos.  Now as I recall from one of our recent articles, SOMEONE predicted the game would go a little something like this:

“Looking at the recent trends we’ve seen, this game is shaping up to be similar to the examples above like 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, and 2010 games, where the dominant defense with the capable game manager defeats the clearly much better quarterback.  Russell Wilson seems like a promising young player and a great person, but at this point his game is a lot closer to Alex Smith than Peyton Manning.  The Seahawks are a defense-driven running team.  If the Hawks win the Super Bowl, Wilson will likely have a statistically mediocre game, make a big play (or not even have to because his team is playing so well), and proceed to be crowned “OMG IZ DISS DA NEW TOM BRADY LOL?!??!?” when really he’s simply a good decision maker who takes care of the ball.”

Let’s stop the conversation before it starts: Russell Wilson, like most Super Bowl winning quarterbacks before him, had little effect on the outcome of the game.  Now, many will be quick to say Wilson played a great game.  After all, he finished 18/25, 206 YD, 2TD, 0 INT.  On paper, a solid game.  Tom Jackson and Steve Young (who could barely talk, I think he had some concussion-like symptoms going on or something) were effusive with their praise, mentioning that Wilson should have been MVP because he had such a solid game.  Seriously guys?  Did you watch the game at all, or just look at the stat line at the end?  A quick recap:

First Half

-Broncos botch a snap on their first play from scrimmage, resulting in a safety (2-0 Hawks)

-Following the punt, Harvin has a 31 yard run, the offense does little else, Seahawks field goal (5-0 Hawks)

-Denver three and out, Seahawks get ball, Wilson nice 37 yard pass to Baldwin, offense does little else, Seahawks field goal (8-0 Hawks)

-Manning throws interception, Seahawks start with the ball on Denver’s 37 yard line, Harvin 15 yard run, pass interference in the end zone, Lynch runs it in from the one yard line (15-0 Hawks)

-Manning throws another pick, Malcolm Smith returns for a 69 yard touchdown (22-0 Hawks)

Second Half

-Prater kicks the 2nd half kickoff short, Harvin picks it up, and has an amazing kick return TD (29-0 Hawks)

Now, at this point, Wilson had some nice 3rd down conversions, a few five-ish yard runs, and the lob to Baldwin (who to be fair easily beat Champ Bailey, who is done for).  The Seahawks are winning 29-0.  Here’s Wilson’s line following prior to the kick return TD: 9/14, 94 YD, 0 TD, 0 INT.  Wilson finished the game with three carries for 26 yards, so for argument’s sake let’s say those were all in the first half (hard to find time-based data breakdown on that, AKA the first page I looked at didn’t have it).  That is what you’d call a decidedly game-manager-y day.  Now, you can’t hold that against Wilson, who did everything he needed to get the win.  But can we really give him that much credit either?

Wilson supporters will point to his strong finish as evidence of his greatness.  OK, so let’s pretend you’re John Fox, you’re coaching against the Seahawks, who have Marshawn Lynch and a 29-0 lead.  What are they presumably going to do on most of their offensive plays?  Ding ding ding!!  Run the ball.  Wilson passed well in just about the easiest possible scenario, against a relative shoddy Broncos defensive backfield.

I like Russell Wilson, I really do.  He’s exactly the type of player people want running their team from a personality and leadership standpoint, and those aspects are impressive, no doubt about it.  He’s great in the community.  He’s good for football.  But seriously people, ANY quarterback would have won that game.  It would take a fuck up of the most epic proportions to blow that game.  Like Tom Brady, Wilson’s first Super Bowl was won by his teammates far more than the quarterback.

And with that, chime Skip Bayless’s thoughtless spewing of “OMG IZ DISS DA NEW TOM BRADY LOL?!??!?”

Sigh…it’s gonna be a long offseason.


2 thoughts on “OMG IZ DISS DA NEW TOM BRADY LOL?!??!?

  1. joesaintgermain says:

    Seattle certainly took the “Now would be a great time to score! Anytime now! Like: now!” approach to this game, and did so VERY literally.

  2. joesaintgermain says:

    Also, how has it taken us this long to make an NHL 2003 reference on this blog? That should have been, like, the first thing we did.

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