So How’s That Cole Hamels Contract Looking So Far?




Remember when I wrote this post about the dangers of giving Cole Hamels such a massive contract extension? And remember how the Phillies, somehow overlooking this blog, gave him one anyway? Oh hey guess what (new info in red):


Zito: 222 starts, 102 wins (.618 win percentage)
Hamels: 199 starts, 85 wins (.594 win percentage)
Zito, Post-Extention: 140 starts, 43 wins (.413 win percentage)
Hamels, Post-Extension: 20 starts, 4 wins (.267 win percentage)

Zito: 3.55 ERA
Hamels: 3.38 ERA
Zito, Post-Extension: 4.55 ERA
Hamels, Post-Extension: 4.05 ERA

Adjusted ERA
Zito: 125 ERA+
Hamels: 125 ERA+
Zito, Post-Extension: 92 ERA+
Hamels, Post-Extension: 95 ERA+

Zito: 1.250 WHIP
Hamels: 1.139 WHIP
Zito, Post-Extension: 1.407 WHIP
Hamels, Post-Extension: 1.225 WHIP


I know, crazy, right? An athlete in a contract year gets handed a big deal and then disappoints the next year? Now I’ve heard everything!

It’s only been part of one season, but I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say things are guaranteed to get comically worse for Hamels before they get better. I’m no sabermetrician, but I have him loosely penciled in for an 0-32 season in 2014, with a 14.52 ERA and approximately 391 home runs allowed.


So How’s That Cole Hamels Contract Looking So Far?

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