“It’s My Craft”

Not too long ago I had an (ex) friend who cut hair for a living.  Not being the most stylish dude, I buzz my own hair to keep things simple.  My hair needed a trim and I thought what the heck, may as well try something different.  I had a friend who cut hair, I was sure she’d cut my hair into something more stylish than I could possibly ask for at even the most luxurious Great Clips.  So I ask her if she can cut my hair.  Her response?  “Well for guys I charge $20.”  Me: “Well yea… but we’re friends…”  Her: “Well, it’s my craft.”  What kind of bullshit is that??  How about “yea, we are friends, friends help each other out and this will probably only take like 15 minutes anyway.”  That’s what friends fucking do for each other.  I’m not asking her to refinish my deck or something that is super time intensive, it’s a fucking haircut.  So if you ever hear someone say “it’s my craft” to try to get money out of their friends, promptly punch them in the gonads for me.  And if you have ever said it yourself, punch yourself in the gonads.  Twice.

“It’s My Craft”

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