PLEASE Don’t Go to College (Unless Your REALLY Know What You Are Doing)

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I started college in 2004 with jsg.  We had both freshly finished high school with decent marks, enough to get into a long, long list of community colleges.  We even qualified for some full-fledged universities.  I am not sure of his perspective on this, but I had always learned that you grew up, went to college, and emerged with a good paying job and ample advancement opportunities.  Turns out that is totally bullshit.  So PLEASE don’t go college.

I mean, you can go if you have a specific goal that will get a specific career/job.  If you go to school to be a doctor, nurse, engineer, etc., go for it.  If not, you are probably wasting a TON of time and money. I got a degree in economics.  Most people, when they ask what degree I have, the conversation goes like this:

“What did you study in college?”


“WOW, you must be really smart.”


Well, no, that’s not what having a degree in econ means.  It means I went to college with NO idea of what I wanted to do in life, I was 17 at the time, and I had never really worked a day in my life outside of menial retail-type jobs.  I      

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was planning to get a business degree when I first started school because it seemed so general.  The thought was that this would result in a broad spectrum of job opportunities.  In reality, a business degree had a bunch of dumb hoops to jump through that seemed like a waste of time, and econ didn’t.  So no I’m not smart, I was indecisive when I was 17.  Like most 17/18 year olds.

In the end, while econ appeals to the way I naturally think, I doubt I will ever do a job that requires an econ degree.  I’ve been doing mostly sales since I received my degree, because sales also appeals to my personality and it’s easy to get sales jobs.  In essence, I could have pursued any degree and been in the exact same spot.  I also could have likely gotten any job I’ve had without a degree.  Yet I am still in debt.  The real takeaway here is college was a fun time to learn more about myself and try new things.  Was that worth the thousands of dollars in debt I incurred?  No.

What I wish I had done was get a degree in something that would at least have a way to automatically make a good living if need be.  The jobs mentioned in the intro are good examples.  You could get an engineering degree, and decide to do sales, or whatever non-engineering job, but if shit hit the fan, you could always make $50k plus engineering.

The bottom line here is YOU are going to make things happen for yourself, not a degree.  If you are an idiot with a degree, interviewers will know you’re an idiot.  You will simply be an idiot with a lot of debt and a worthless piece of paper.  If you don’t have a degree but you have ability in some capacity and can communicate that to others, you will find a place in this world.  So PLEASE don’t go to college (unless you REALLY know what you are doing).

PLEASE Don’t Go to College (Unless Your REALLY Know What You Are Doing)

One thought on “PLEASE Don’t Go to College (Unless Your REALLY Know What You Are Doing)

  1. joesaintgermain says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about dude. College taught me to resent the people who accomplished less than me in group settings and convinced me it was OK to ignore like 90% of my responsibilities – these are skills I use in the workplace every single day.

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