TNT is Trolling Us With Some Hyper-Ironic NBA All-Star Game Promos

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The NBA All-Star Game is this weekend, and as expected TNT is going to great lengths to promote the game. Plenty of insider access and coverage, lots of fun sideshow-style events…and oh, who could forget ads featuring the music of breakout indie rapper Macklemore!

I’ve gotta applaud your taste, TNT – Macklemore has some amazing tracks on “The Heist.” So which one did you go with? I bet it was “Can’t Hold Us,” right? Or maybe it’s “Gold” – you know, like in the metaphorical sense? Hell, “Thrift Shop” doesn’t even make sense here, but it’s so catchy that you might as well, right?

Wait. You…you went with “Wing$?” Wait….wait what?



So feel free to watch the video if you like, because it’s actually a pretty great song in its own right. It’s just, you know…that it’s a song about the dangers of materialism, with a focus specifically on – wait for it – basketball shoes.

TNT edited out all of the objectionable lyrics for the sake of their video, of course – it’s not going to be good for business to hear Macklemore mention how his friend’s brother was murdered for his Air Jordans, or say things like “these Nikes helped me define me but I’m trying to take mine off” – but I mean, even having the subtext of this song around makes the ENTIRE VIDEO feel like it’s just there to fuck with your mind. Mission accomplished, TNT.

I’m not sure what to believe about any of it, to be honest. Is this an ironic statement on TNT’s part about their own product? Did they just pick the track because it’s vaguely about basketball? And what’s Macklemore’s role in all of this? For someone who seemed awfully concerned about not being a consumer whore anymore, he and Ryan Lewis APPEAR IN THE MUSIC VIDEO. What’s next, being asked to play at the next pope’s confirmation ceremony and playing “Same Love?” Man my head hurts.

In conclusion, I don’t know what’s real anymore.

TNT is Trolling Us With Some Hyper-Ironic NBA All-Star Game Promos

3 thoughts on “TNT is Trolling Us With Some Hyper-Ironic NBA All-Star Game Promos

  1. Isn’t the real story here Macklemore being a complete sellout? He writes songs about how to not be too consumer oriented, to buy clothes at a thrift shop, etc., then joins forces with the NBA to sell products that his song specifically says not to purchase? The edited version’s message is the opposite of the original. And to top it off, Macklemore goes along with it and wears a jersey and makes a newer version, presumably in the name of making money (consumerism). This is a doubly F’d up situation.

  2. joesaintgermain says:

    No kidding – I honestly thought I was hearing things when I first heard the melody play during a quick :30 second spot, so I Googled it – yep, that’s what I found. I’ll even be charitable and give him “Thrift Shop” as an ironic underplaying of the whole rap scene, which is fine or whatever, it stands on its own even without reading into it, but….man, I don’t get how you drop “Wing$” into the mix and even try to justify it.

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