Another Quick Baseball Thing

I know this isn’t going to do much to convince you that I don’t actually care about baseball, but I have to get something off my chest here: I absolutely do NOT understand the New York media, specifically in relation to Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. When he came on board, A-Rod was unquestionably the best player on the planet and well on his way to possibly being the Greatest of All Time – you’d think New York would welcome a guy like that with open arms, right? WRONG. The dude gets so much negative press that I could make each word in this post a hyperlink to a different article (I won’t, though, because even though I’m the guy who spent almost 1,200 words writing about booze I DO value my time more than that). Somehow, every major failure in the last decade of Yankees baseball is at least partially, if not entirely, blamed on Alex Rodriguez.

And all of the major successes? Attributed to overrated dickface Derek Jeter.

Yes, Derek Jeter was an important part of a few Yankees title teams early in his career and he had some excellent offensive years, but ever since then Captain Calmeyes McHandsomface has gotten a free pass from the media because “he’s a True Yankee” who “plays the game the right way” and shit like that. Nevermind that he’s been incredibly overrated compared to his peers for a long time now and he’s always been a defensive liability  – do you remember how he had one incredibly flashy play in a playoff game that one time?? Turns out one or two clutch plays are really all you need to impress New York. Quick, who do you think has the better postseason numbers over their entire careers?

Derek “Blue Steel” Jeter: 158 GP, .343 BA, 20 HR, .374 OBP, .838 OPS
Alex “Vagina Pink” Rodriguez: 75 GP, .263 BA, 13 HR, .369 OBP, .833 OPS

So yes, A-Rod’s numbers are worse, particularly his average (who fucking cares?) and his power (in less than half as many games), but their OBP/OPS indicate that they’re almost nearly fucking identical.

But the thing that really upsets me is how much credit Jeter gets for being a selfless, do-whatever-it-takes-to-win winning winner – but NO ONE ever talks about how he refused to switch positions when the Yankees traded for A-Rod, who was far and way the best player in the league at that point (not to mention considerably better at defense alone). A-Rod abused so many pitchers that some countries would have arrested him for rape – and yet here we had Mr. Selfless himself, pushing the best player in the league to a new position in order to satisfy his own ego (which A-Rod seldom if ever complained about, by the way).

As if that weren’t enough, we had this awesome nugget of information come to light the other day: Derek Jeter and the Yankees set up strict rules for potential autograph seekers – “Single file! No chitchat! He doesn’t want to hear about your personal life, so don’t ask him about his!” – and, at least on that day, he signed about 10 autographs out of a crowd of about 40. What a swell guy! Practically the living embodiment of Mr. Rogers himself.

So yeah, again, I really don’t care about baseball, but man do I ever hate Derek Jeter and feel bad for Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod could save a shelter full of rescue dogs from a burning building and all the media would talk about is how he should stop letting distractions get in the way of his focus on baseball.  Ugh. The season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already anxious for it to end.


Another Quick Baseball Thing

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