Proof of Steroids in the NFL


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Carrot Top is not in the NFL.  But I searched “steroids” on the Google image search and this was one of the top hits so… I’m going with it.  There has been a lot of talk this talk this week about Ray Lewis possibly using deer antler spray (what?) to help recover quickly from a triceps injury.  The steroid discussion is always alive and relevant in all sports, but possibly none more than football.  I find it pretty silly that people are still asking the question of whether athletes are using steroids.  There are a few examples in the NFL that show steroids (or HGH, or whatever) are used commonly in the NFL.  Want proof?

This guy:

laron1 Laron2

and this guy:

Dawan Landry, Julian Edelman

are BROTHERS.  Both are in the NFL.  Both presumably have similar genes and training regimens.  Here is another example:




Yep.  Brothers.

The funny thing here is Laron Landry is a physical freak, along with Clay Matthews.  Each easily one of the top five most athletic players in the NFL at their positions.  They are also quite productive at their positions.  Dawan Landry is a good, not great player who is one of those guys that is more productive than their size/speed suggests.  And Casey Matthews should borderline not be in the NFL.  He seems like a great guy but I doubt he’d ever be able to hold up physically with the other players in the NFL.

Now, obviously there are going to be differences between siblings.  But this isn’t where you know two guys in a family where one is a skinny accountant and another is a fat lawyer.  These guys have similar nutrition, constant exercise, play the same positions, these guys do ALL OF THE EXACT SAME THINGS.  In each case one is the most jacked dude you’ve ever seen, and the other looks like a normal dude who is in really good shape.  Same genetics, same training, same everything… I wonder what the difference is?


Proof of Steroids in the NFL

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