And While We’re on the Subject…

Here come the Mighty Ducks, skating down the ice!

In my last post, I lightly chastised Disney for trying to cross-promote its movie-themed hockey team with this TV show, where anthropomorphic ducks with super powers played NHL hockey by day and fought crime by night. Maybe it’s a silly premise, but I’d argue it’s no worse than any other duck-themed Disney show. I mean, come on: DuckTales? Darkwing Duck? Seriously, there’s a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to it – go check it out if you don’t believe me.

My point is: even though Disney tried WAY too hard with this series, it’s not like I can accuse them of cutting corners – check out the list of voice talent they got:

  • Tim Curry
  • Jim Belushi
  • Dennis Franz
  • Brad Garrett
  • Ian Ziering

I mean, this isn’t like, cartoon Ocean’s 11 or anything, but damn dude, that’s some talent and notoriety right there. I still don’t love the corporate tie-ins at play here, but hey, at least they got top-end talent here.


And While We’re on the Subject…

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