The Mayans predicted the end of the world, so I might as well live blog it!!

11:59 PM: Nevermind that my specific time zone is irrelevant unless I happen to live where the Mayans lived when they created their calendar, let’s assume they meant the world would end specifically at one minute after midnight, because hey, that seems reasonable right?! Apocalypse here we come!!!

12:00 AM: Here we goooooooooooooooo!!!!!

……………Wait, what the fuck? What the actual fuck??? Was I lied to by a civilization several centuries old that was loosely and wrongly interpreted by modern people for financial gain?!?!?! Seems unlikely…!

12:01 AM: Fuck.

12:05 AM: Sorry, just took a few shots since I got wasted assuming the world would end and it didn’t, so might as well party to like, celebrate, right?!

12:06 AM: Dear Mayans: Go fuck yourselves even though you totally weren’t the problem here. Sincerely, specifically me, apparently.

I guess my point is: you’re stuck with glitchgoals in 2013 and beyond. So…you should probably be pretty mad at those Mayans.



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