Fake TV Show Pitches, Vol. II


Did you guys hear the news? Scottie Pippen is getting his own reality show soon! Hmm…SOMEONE here predicted that a few months ago, if I remember correctly (which I do, since it was me who predicted it). Looks like TV producers are trawling our small-time, independent blog for ideas. I can’t say I blame them, mind you – it WAS a pretty genius idea. But now I have an idea I’d LOVE to see them steal. Seriously, go ahead network execs. I won’t even be mad, bros…mostly just impressed and surprised. Simpressed? Imprised? Whatever, it doesn’t matter, hit that “Read More” button and follow along.

(I mean, at least professionally – I bet he’s done SOME of these before…)

Name: Holmy Don’t Play That!

The Premise: In an NHL-specific version of “Shaq Vs.,” Detroit Red Wings LW/pest Tomas Holmstrom takes on today’s top athletes at their own game! The twist? The pros play with a handicap of some sort in order to level the playing field. From the rink to the pitch to the courts, we’ll see if “Holmy” CAN play that!

The Twist: Since no one watches the NHL regular season and there’s currently a lockout, one segment of the show is dedicated to Holmstrom pretending he is the King of Sweden in order to fool unsuspecting Detroit residents. He spends most of his time backing into and generally interfering with regular citizens, all under the false premise of his annoying NHL skillset being a traditional Swedish greeting. Additional twist: Holmstrom tries to convince people he’s Justin Verlander’s brother.

Social Media Integration: Crowdsourcing is one of the most effective means of generating good ideas, so utilizing a Facebook page for the show and a common Twitter hashtag (#Holmy #HDPT) will help viewers tell the network what challenges they want Tomas to pursue. NASCAR race? Sure! Combine the Miracle on Ice with The Play? Why not?? Holmstrom isn’t very versatile on the ice, but he will be on the small screen!

I’m not sure how or why TV HASN’T given this the green light yet, but give it four months – based on the Scottie Pippen reality show, this WILL end up happening. Hey network execs: check please!


Fake TV Show Pitches, Vol. II

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