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Well folks, tomorrow is Black Friday, everyone’s favorite time of year!!!  I thought the Best Buy/long line mashup photo captured the idiocy of Black Friday perfectly.  

Now, I’ve never shopped on Black Friday (at least intentionally…maybe bought some beer at 7-11 or something) but from what I can tell, people think it’s the day to save a bundle on the goods on their Christmas lists.  Claaaaasic stupid Americans.

People are drawn in by “door busters,” a select few items priced really really low to form lines like the ones above.  “We have our shittiest TV we sell, that we are going to be selling next week for the same price with less lines, for $199!!!!!  GET IN LINE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!”  People brave these long lines, ravenous parents, and interrupt family time to save a few bucks on a shitty Furby for lil’ Mikey.

WAL-MART and Target and the like are opening this year at 8PM ON FUCKING THANKSGIVING.  “Alright grandma, thanks for flying out in your old age from Montana and spending some quality time with us, but I gotta get my ass to the fucking store!”  I know, I know, this has been happening for a number of years but they keep encroaching more and more on the holiday.  Apparently saving a little cash supersedes, you know, real life.

The craziest part is, we have this marvelous technology called “the internet” that allows people to shop, all without lines!!  To top it off, there’s a newer event called “Cyber Monday” (contrary to what I thought, you don’t just cyber all day at work with colleagues on work IM, whoops) where you can get literally the same if not better deals without leaving the house. Let me repeat that.  YOU CAN SAVE THE SAME MONEY AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO CAMP OUTSIDE!!!  I’ve even heard of deals that are better on the internet than in stores.

It’s really just a matter of time until “Black Friday” goes by the wayside.  Just like Best Buy.  “Wait, instead of buying online with free shipping, I can drive to the mall and deal with a bunch of dipshits, pay more, and have to lug the thing home?!?!? AWESOME!!!!”  People, get real.  Spend some time with your family, or if you’re not into that have some beers kick back and watch some football or something.



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