Fake TV Pitches, Vol. I

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Writing a reality TV show isn’t very difficult: the show is mostly unscripted compared to other programming, the actors provide quick, easy drama by being unlikeable fucksticks and no one ever asks you to push the envelope because they feel guilty enough even watching your show. (“Oh my god Jersey Shore is SUCH a train wreck, I can’t believe I watched it all weekend – let’s all talk about how much we hated each character and scene for the next 45 minutes.”) The formula works – all you need is an attractive pitch or a notable name and you’re 95% of the way there.

Which is why I’ve got a sure-fire hit waiting for you below the jump. Go ahead, MTV producers, hit that “More” button:

Name: Pippen Ain’t Easy

The Premise: Scottie Pippen’s playing days are over, but now he’s ready to start playing the field! The man with six NBA title rings meets a field of 16 hopeful women competing for his affection looking for a ring of their own. Find out who the Hall of Famer wants to go one-on-one with – and who will get the horns along the way!

The Twist: When the field is narrowed down to the final two contestants, Scottie gives each of them a “Rose” – current Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, who tests the ladies’ affections by offering each of them a night on the town with him. Will the ladies commit to a long-term deal with Pippen or take their talents elsewhere?

Social Media Integration: Visitors to the show’s Facebook page can interact with another Bulls legend, Michael Jordan, as he gambles on the outcome of each round of cuts and places prop bets in each new episode.

Your move, network execs. I’ll expect a burlap sack with a dollar sign printed on it full of bills/gold coins within 48 the next hours.


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Fake TV Pitches, Vol. I

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